Plain and simple. 

We stand in solidarity with those whose loved ones, life ways, land, and labor were stolen to build this nation.

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. PEOPLE OF COLOR MATTER. Immigrant Lives Matter. Queer Lives Matter. Marginalized Lives Matter. We are all here together, and as a society we have failed to acknowledge some of those very basic and simple human rights. It is unacceptable that people are being shot and murdered in their homes, their cars, their streets, and in front of their children, with disgracefully little reparations for families and accountability of the police officers and civilians who are perpetrators of racial violence.

White Supremacy is cunning. LNCS recognizes that it has many heads, wears many hats, and shows up in many and different ways, and as teachers and citizens it is our duty to current and future generations to be active and aware of this sickness.

BIPOC Leaders and community members have been fighting this fight for centuries. You don't need to hear how pervasive and insidious white supremacy is, because you live it. Yet we want to clearly and firmly state that we stand with you. We stand with you as we square up to the violence of racism and shoulder our responsibility in it.

We hope that one day soon BIPOC leaders will be collectively recognized as the leaders they are, and as the forbearers of a country that embodies the values it preaches. The true wealth of our country lies in our people. Move over, Thomas Jefferson. AOC comin' through.

How do we teach these values?

Books. Stories. Conversations. Celebrations: of Events, of Leaders, of Elders, of Family.

Reflections of readers in storybook characters are so vitally important for children, and the ballooning of BIPOC visibility in nature-themed storybooks underscores the truths of where we've been as a nation, who we are, and where we want to be. We gather as many BIPOC-authored and -featured stories as we can.

Plus this,

Your family is the most valuable resource to your child's healthy understanding of themselves and their role in the world, and it's our role to reinforce that. We are brainstorming ways that we can bring together family stories to uplift who you are. Have ideas? Talk with us! We're happy to do the leg work, and, the best community is one that works together. It takes a village.

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and this. 

Anti-racism is as alive in our casual and pointed conversations with children as much as we tend to it in our personal lives. And it needs it—the legacy of white supremacy is adaptable and underhanded. The anti-racist work that LNCS does starts at the personal level. It's nowhere near perfect, and will forever be fertile ground for growth. This is where we are at. We hope that you want to be here with us.

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Accountability & Repair

You make up this circle. It's important you are heard and supported. 

While those things are the goal, they might not always be the reality. Harm may happen and we aspire to honor impact over intention. If you're not feeling heard or centered in a way that is life-affirming and supportive, we hope that won't stop you from telling us. We want to know. We want to know that and anything else you would want to share, and we want to know in a way you feel comfortable doing so. Click on the button below to fill out anonymous—or not—feedback form. 

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For Allies

What does allyship mean to you?

To us, it means listening. It means listening, and then listening. It means reflection, and more listening, and then listening some more. It means taking responsibility for impact over intent. It means being aware of history, of current events, of our own mistakes and complicities; it means the grit it takes to be open and honest with ourselves and vulnerable with others, and be held accountable; and it means Doing. It means expanding understanding in our white children to stop racism in its tracks and help them become aware allies themselves.

In the words of Maya Angelou "the truth is, no one of us can be free until everyone is free".  Centering BIPOC stories and needs doesn't just support BIPOC communities and children.  It heals our whole communities. There are all sorts of resources out there to help dredge up-and-out the toxins of racism, and to show up and act as who you are in the best way possible.

Here are both fiction and non-fiction resources, many that have been critical for us on our journey to understand our own privilege and the racism that lurks under every unturned stone. Some of these are books and articles, some are courses, others are organizations, people, and social media accounts that we follow. We will continue to add as we find more, and we love learning, so share with us what you find! Good luck on your journey, we hope to hear what you learn.